May 19, 2024
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Who were the Former 4 Emperors of One Piece?

In the vast and paranormal world of One Piece, there existed four legendary figures known as the Former 4 Emperors of One Piece who reigned supreme over the tumultuous seas. These formidable individuals were hailed as the most powerful and influential pirates, their names echoing through history as symbols of fear and respect.

The former 4 Emperors of One Piece Who ruled the Sea? 1. Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate, famously known as “Whitebeard.”Emperor of the Sea,  was the captain for Whitebeard Pirates.With a massive frame, a towering height, and a powerful presence, he was a force to be reckoned with in the New World.Possessing unimaginable strength and a gentle heart, he led his crew with unwavering loyalty and was revered as the “Strongest Man in the World.” Whitebeard’s power was so immense that even the seas would tremble in his wake.


Emperors of One Piece (4)
Emperors of One Piece 


Tragically, during the Marineford War, Whitebeard met his end, but his legacy lived on through his crew and the impact he left on the world. His death marked the end of an era and ushered in a new phase of piracy, where the mantle of the Four Emperors would be taken up by a new generation of formidable and aspiring pirates. Even in death, Edward Newgate’s name would forever be etched in the annals of One Piece history as a true king of the sea.

2. Kaido

 The “Beast” of the Emperors, was renowned for his indomitable nature and dragon-like abilities. With a fierce desire to start the greatest war the world had ever seen, he sought to conquer all that lay before him, making him an unforgettable force in the treacherous waters of the New World.

Emperors of One Piece (2)
Emperors of One Piece 

Kaido is a person who really hates Whitebeard, so when he had the opportunity during the Battle of MarineFord to save Axe , he chased after Whitebeard but was discovered and stopped by Shanks. Kaido is currently Luffy’s main antagonist and antagonist in the Wano arc. In terms of strength, the author has not revealed the true power of Kaido, but readers have only learned that he has the ability to transform into a giant dragon and spit out huge energy balls to destroy the opponent

 3. Charlotte Linlin

Also known as “Big Mom,” wielded both immense power and an insatiable sweet tooth. Ruling her territories with an iron fist, she built a family of fearsome pirates, ensuring that her name would be etched in history.


Emperors of One Piece (3)
Emperors of One Piece


In terms of strength, Big Mom is considered the weakest of the current four emperors in One Piece. Although her appearance is very strong and her bounty is high, compared to the other four emperors, she is a bit inferior. Not only that, Big Mom’s strength depends heavily on her emotions and has quite a few weaknesses. For example, in the Cake Island arc, if it weren’t for Big Mom’s children, she would have soon fallen under Luffy’s plan.

4. Shanks

Another mighty ruler was Shanks, whose unyielding spirit and charisma captivated both friend and foe alike. Despite losing an arm in the past to save a young Monkey D. Luffy, Shanks’ prowess remained unrivaled, and he later became one of the Yonko, the Four Emperors.

Emperors of One Piece
Emperors of One Piece


These former 4 Emperors in One Piece ruled the New World Sea , they carved their path through the treacherous seas, leaving an indelible mark on the world of One Piece. Their legacies as formidable rulers and formidable pirates continue to be a source of fascination and intrigue for those daring enough to venture into the unknown waters they once commanded

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