May 19, 2024
koro sensei

Top 7 Anime characters with lightning speed

The seven anime characters below are clearly lightning fast, if they decide to attack you there should be nothing stopping them as these characters will arrive in a flash.

7. Koro-sensei – Assassination Classroom

koro sensei
koro sensei

Possessing extraordinary strength and aerodynamic body, Koro-sensei can fly at a speed of Mach 20, aka 23,000 km per hour; allows flying from India to the United States in just half an hour.

6. Saitama – One-Punch Man

Top 7 Anime characters with lightning speed saitama | Wiki

Top best anime movies of all timeThis skinhead superhero not only has a ‘scientific’ punch of boxing, but Saitama is also very fast. Saitama jumped from the earth’s surface and touched the moon’s surface with a single move. Supplemented with extraordinary physical strength, Saitama can also bring a lot of gifts to loved ones if needed.

5. Kizaru – One Piece


Kizaru can transform his body into light thanks to the power of the Logia  Pika Pika no Mi  , Admiral Kizaru whose real name is Borsalino can also travel as fast as the speed of light – a speed of 300,000 km per day. second. As an illustration, light from the sun takes only 8 minutes and 17 seconds to reach the earth! Of course, if you’re just moving between cities in the same country, you don’t need ‘that time’, right?

4. Namikaze – Naruto

Top 7 Anime characters with lightning speed Namikaze | Fandom

He is one of the fastest anime characters in the  Naruto world  thanks   to his top jutsu,  Hiraishin no Jutsu  , which allows Minato to travel within seconds to the point he marked with his jutsu. Not only himself, Minato can also bring several other people with him.

3. Goku – Dragon Ball

Songoku | Fandom


This move of Goku is more or less the same as  Hiraishin  . With the teleportation ability   learned from the planet Yardrat, Goku can travel lightning fast to locations as well as to the location of a  ki follower  he can track. Goku can also carry other people when they touch him. If Goku opened the teleportation service, Goku could get rich quickly!

2. Whis – Dragon Ball


Beerus’ assistant as well as teacher, an angel with many secret powers. One way Whis often uses to explore the universe and visit Goku and his friends is the power of teleportation. While it’s not supposed to be as fast as  teleportation  – it takes two days to reach Zeno Palace or 30 minutes to Beerus’ planet – the advantage of this technique is tracking  ki  to move.

1. Doraemon – Doraemon

Standing at number one, of course, is Doraemon’s Magic Door. Although the size of this door is not very large, Doraemon can move people or items in bulk with the help of other magical tools such as the Gulliver Tunnel or the Miniature Flashlight. Shrink, through the door and back to normal size. It must be really fun to play with Doraemon!

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That’s the name of the seven fastest anime characters that can go whenever they want.