May 19, 2024
Weaknesses of Luffy When Using Gear 5 (2)

Top 4 Weaknesses of Luffy When Using Gear 5

Although Gear 5 is considered to be the strongest state of Luffy in One Piece, it still seems to have certain weaknesses for his body.

So, what are the weaknesses of Luffy’s Gear 5? Gear 5 is described as a powerful state, with the ability to turn Luffy’s imagination into reality, but it is not a perfect solution and has its own drawbacks. Here are some weaknesses of Luffy When Using Gear 5 :

1. Higher energy consumption

This is understandable as awakening a Devil Fruit power requires a significant amount of energy. The other two Super Novas, Law and Kid, only consider using their awakenings in dire situations. With Gear 5, Luffy’s energy consumption is alarmingly high.

In Chapter 1045, there is a moment when Luffy suddenly runs out of energy, and his face looks like that of an old man. However, thanks to the Drumbeat of Freedom, a unique rhythm when Luffy is in Gear 5, everything returns to balance.

As Kaido pointed out during their battle, Luffy’s endurance was pushed to the limit, which is reasonable as the Straw Hat captain had to face quite a few enemies before reaching his current level. With Gear 4, Luffy already had to exert himself to maintain that form and couldn’t use Haki for ten minutes after reverting to his original state. Gear 5 could allow him to fight immediately after returning to his original form.

Since the end of Wano, Oda has not revealed any major weaknesses after Luffy’s use of Gear 5. However, given Oda’s storytelling style, there will certainly be some weaknesses. This will likely depend on the situation and duration of using Gear 5. It’s highly probable that it will also cause significant strain on Luffy’s body, just like Gear 4 and Gear 3 did.

Weaknesses of Luffy When Using Gear 5 (2)
Weaknesses of Luffy When Using Gear 5

2. Luffy is still vulnerable to sharp attacks

In Chapter 1047, it appears that Luffy was injured by Kaido’s sharp wind attacks. Everyone knows that Luffy is immune to blunt attacks, but he is still weak against sharp attacks, even in Gear 5 state.

Luffy bled in Chapter 1047 due to Kaido’s Haki-covered attacks. It can be affirmed that attacks coated with Haki can still inflict damage on Luffy’s rubber body. However, it’s worth praising Luffy for continuously taking hits from a Yonko and still standing strong.

Weaknesses of Luffy When Using Gear 5 (1)
Weaknesses of Luffy When Using Gear 5

3. Overwhelmingly cheerful and reckless nature of Gear 5

The overwhelmingly cheerful and reckless nature of Gear 5 could lead Luffy to make foolish mistakes. If Luffy were to face Shanks, a skilled warrior, those mistakes would be fully exploited by Shanks.

This state is not only inherently wild but also requires a lot of strength from Luffy. This was evident during the battle with Kaido in the Wano arc when Luffy became fatigued after the Gear 5 state disappeared. Interestingly, after defeating Kaido with Gear 5, Luffy had to rest for a week to recover his strength.

Weaknesses of Luffy When Using Gear 5
Weaknesses of Luffy When Using Gear 5

4. Changing appearance

While this may not be a factor in the current stage of One Piece, as Luffy is currently in excellent physical condition, everything has its final stages, so it is highly likely that Gear 5 will take a toll on Luffy as he ages. Especially when using Gear 5, Luffy’s appearance is often altered according to the enemy’s attacks. Therefore, as he grows older, Luffy’s appearance will likely become more distorted than usual.

There is a clear pattern in One Piece characters that has been established by Oda. Older characters will not be as strong as they used to be. So if Luffy continues to use Gear 5 excessively, his body will inevitably wear down in the years to come.

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