May 19, 2024
best anime villains

Top 10 Best Anime Villains Of All Time


That’s why we’re here today to rank the 10 best anime villains of all time.

Heroes are obviously always fan favorites, but when it comes to good anime, there’s almost always an iconic best villain that takes them to the next level.

That’s why is here today to rank the 10 best anime villains of all time.

Younger Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)

For Younger Toguro, all that matters most is strength.

An unmatched martial artist and demon hunter in his youth, Toguro was exhausted by his fear of growing old and weak from living longer.

This prompted Toguro’s decision to betray humanity and desire immortality and eternal youth from the demons, joining the ranks he once despised and hunted.

The years that followed were years of terror and torment, Toguro’s strength could not be compared with all he encountered. Humans and demons both fell into Toguro’s hands, all as he reveled in his eternal power.

To be sure, Toguro’s motivations are a bit underexposed compared to other villains. As others seek to destroy the world, Toguro tackles worthy opponents, often ignoring those he defeats in the hope that they will become stronger.

However, this makes Toguro all the more enamored as a villain. Toguro’s motivations are clear, Toguro’s goals are understandable and Toguro’s threat is undeniable.

Toguro is a near-perfect foe for the series’ main characters, an obstacle to their progress, a harbinger of their own weaknesses and insecurities, and a warning. about what can happen to anyone if they are scared.

Dio Brando (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

best anime villains
Dio Brando (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Originally the son of a shameless criminal, Dio Brando was raised by one core belief: Do whatever it takes to ensure your own survival. Adhering to this creed, Dio lives only for himself, stealing, killing, and doing whatever it takes to get ahead.

In the first few episodes of the anime, Dio throws a dog into a furnace, poisons his adoptive father for his inheritance and nearly unleashes a horde of vampires onto 19th century England to fuel his own ambitions. .

And that’s just the beginning of the series. Using his vampire powers, Dio survives generations and poses a new threat to the world more than a century later; and, while Dio is there, unleash the power of the world.

Really, Dio’s only downfall is always being overconfident. Instead of dealing with the Joestars and their allies right away, Dio is always caught up in the stages of his conspiracy and paying a heavy price.

However, as Dio becomes the center of the series’ villain, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by his antics and sense of irrational ambition.

King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

best anime villains
King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

King Bradley is a major antagonist in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series, and its second anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Bradley first appears as the somewhat happy, blessed ruler of the country Amestris, but is later revealed to be one of seven Homunculi created by the mysterious person known as the Father. Bradley’s entire life was devised to be able to rule Amestris on behalf of his Father, to help him carry out his plan.

Despite being a ruthless warrior and ruler, who openly despised the concepts of God and divine punishment, with no regard for the lives of those he was tasked with slaughtering (such as the the Ishvalan clan and their leader), but Bradley’s goofy personality isn’t quite made up. Bradley often complained that his entire existence was boring, claiming that it was entirely decided by others and staged without disturbance. As such, Bradley has a distinct fondness for the unpredictable, and Bradley loves when he can make decisive choices, like when Bradley decides to die in a fight.

In the end, it can be said that Bradley is a pitiful villain. Because his whole life is based on other people’s arrangements.

Uchiha Madara (Naruto Shippuden)

best anime villains
Uchiha Madara (Naruto Shippuden)

Madara Uchiha is the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan. Madara founded Konoha with his rival, Hashirama Senju, with the intention of starting an era of peace. But when the two could not agree on how to achieve that peace, they fought for control of Konoha, a conflict that ended in Madara’s death. However, Madara rewrote his own death and went into hiding to execute his own plan.

Unable to complete before his death, Madara entrusted his knowledge and plans to Obito Uchiha just before his actual death. Years later, during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Madara was revived, only to find his plan failed because he was just a puppet in the hands of others.

Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

An insidious killer and master Nen user, Hisoka is driven by a desire to find and destroy strong opponents. Whether childish or master criminal, Hisoka will pursue them to the ends of the earth with a bloodline on par with a wild predator.

Likewise, Hisoka doesn’t care what happens to himself or others in this pursuit. Massive civilian casualties, loss of allies or even loss of his own limbs, as long as Hisoka can fight someone to test his limits.

As a result, Hisoka became the embodiment of chaos, destruction and leaving a mountain of corpses behind.

Hisoka may not be the ultimate anime villain (last boss), but Hisoka is undeniably an interesting villain in anime.

Gilgamesh (Fate Series)

In the Holy Grail war fought by legendary heroes, Gilgamesh certainly makes the legendary villains mixed in.

An ancient king who wanted everything he could possibly have, Gilgamesh was driven by his own greed and self-interest at any given moment.

Worse still, Gilgamesh is much stronger than most other opponents in the fight. Able to summon weapons from his inventory, Gilgamesh can bring death in a bloody, instantaneous destructive storm.

As a result, the life-or-death struggle that everyone else saw was just a back-and-forth distraction for Gilgamesh. Instead, Gilgamesh took his time and enjoyed the battle, confident that he would come out on top.

This leads to Gilgamesh’s eventual downfall, but until that point it’s hard not to believe that Gilgamesh will be free of his arrogance. Gilgamesh is an overwhelmingly powerful anime villain and an almost undefeated force.

Bondrewd (Made in Abyss)

Bondrewd “The Novel”, also known as “Lord of Dawn”, “Sovereign of Dawn”, is a legendary White Whistle lover who has made many wonderful discoveries about the secrets of the Abyss . A researcher fascinated by the Abyss, he often resorted to illegal and ethically questionable means to obtain money and conduct his research, including selling illegal items, developing dangerous drugs and even human trials.

Bondrewd’s method went against all human moral principles, but Bondrewd was allowed to continue because of his outstanding results. Ten years ago, Bondrewd did the unthinkable by establishing a large base called Idofront in the deepest part of the 5th floor of the Abyss, as well as securing a route to the impossible 6th layer. violate .

Despite being the most “evil” in the traditional sense, Bondrewd treats both his victims and enemies with respect. Bondrewd maintains this personality in his experiments, and even in battles. Bondrewd truly loves the children he raises, although Bondrewd’s plans for them may not be entirely fair or kind.

Shogo Makishima (Psycho-Pass)

Shogo Makishima is the main antagonist of the first season of the Psycho-Pass animated series. Shogo is a mysterious criminal, undetectable by the Sibyl System, and Shinya Kogami’s enemy. Shogo’s wish is for everyone to be free from Sibyl, as Shogo thinks that makes humanity a mere “sheep”, without independent thinking.

Shogo is a humanist who hopelessly loves cruelty, barbarism and all the worst aspects of human nature and has no sense of suffering when watching others suffer. suffering. He has shown great insight into philosophy and science and enjoys reading the works of notable philosophers throughout history, but will occasionally quote Gulliver’s rare travel quote to keep everything interesting. He did the same thing with other less prominent literary forms such as the bible.

Light Yagami (Death Note)

A young man with a genius mind, Light stumbles across the Death Note and quickly realizes his power to kill anyone through this small notebook.

Instead of escaping this horror, Light hatches a plan to kill everyone he considers criminals, becoming the ruler and god of the new world he created.

It’s a good idea on paper – but in practice, this ambition quickly derails Light’s former self.

In addition to criminals, Light also manipulates and kills most of the people around him that he considers a threat. The police, the investigator and even his family became the victims of his own conspiracy.

The worst part is that, even after Light was deposed for his crimes, Light was still idolized by some people around the world for his actions, making Light a worshiper long after. died.

Griffith (Berserk)

best anime villains
Griffith (Berserk)

Griffith is the main antagonist of Berserk. Griffith is the founder and leader of the army of mercenaries known as the Band of the Hawk. As a mercenary, Griffith fought in the Hundred Years’ War and restored peace to the wartime kingdom of Midland and was once a close friend and ally of Guts.

However, after being tortured, Griffith used the eclipse to sacrifice his entire army and was later reincarnated as Femto, the fifth, newest, and final member of the God Hand. Griffith is Guts and Casca’s sworn enemy.