May 19, 2024
Record of Ragnarok

Review Manga: Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok is a manga with high quality Art with classic fighting scenes. Along with that is the new content, the theme of the man-god of war 1 living and dying can be considered the first time appearing on comic books.

The manga has won many major awards and as of June 2021, the manga has more than 7 million copies published. Join to the content of the article!

Story information

Story: Shuumatsu no Valkyrie – Record of Ragnarok.
Genre: Manga, Action, Historical, Martial Arts, Seinen.
Author: Fukui Takum Takumi, Shinya Umemura, illustrated by Ajichika.
Status: On-going.


Record of Ragnarok

The gods held a conference to discuss the survival of mankind. All decided to “finish” the humans, only one valkyrie stood up to protest by proposing a war between gods and humans.

How will this war decide the fate of humanity? The chosen form of competition is solo 13 matches.

Personal rating

Record of Ragnarok
Personal rating

Thirteen gods were chosen to fight 13 humans. 13 matches will all decide the fate of humanity to be destroyed.

With Record of Ragnarok, this work has hit the viewers’ greatest curiosity when asking the question “What if the strongest human beings competed against the strongest gods in the world? ?”.

The madness of this series is even more evident when gods from all cultures and religions are depicted in a fresh way. The warriors in human history are also famous names that are admired by readers.

The matches in the Record of Ragnarok are all competitions to the death. Both humans and gods must fight each other with all their might, and they both aim for the greatest glory, which is “victory”.

Not avoiding, not giving in, Record of Ragnarok is the manga where bloody fights are shown in the most realistic and violent way.

The story has combat phases that can’t be more eye-catching, and through each match, it will reveal the past of the characters participating in the battle, their hard work and deep love will make the reader feel that it is not. There’s no pointless or outrageous buff here, despite the numerous flea warnings.

The second bright spot I see after the plot is the cast of characters, the story appears many gods in different regions: Greek, Norse, Indian, even Buddha, more heroes from Lu Bu , Japanese sumo, swordsman to Adam or Jack The Ripper in Europe, etc.

Really made me fall back when I saw the competition list. In addition, the impeccable art will not disappoint you.

The story has also been adapted into an anime. However, like the previous analysis, the Record of Ragnarok anime is not appreciated by the fan community of the series for many reasons.

Are you watching Manga Record of Ragnarok ?

Record of Ragnarok
Are you watching Manga Record of Ragnarok ?

A manga I appreciate, but there are mixed opinions about the content of the story. The author and the story team also made it clear:

This is a fantasy world in the manga, so don’t compare the strength of the gods and do not mean to smear any god in the religions because HERE JUST MANGA WORLD.

In addition, when the anime was released by Netflix worldwide, they removed Shiva from the trailer and then removed the anime itself from its streaming library in India to avoid criticism.

Especially in October 2020, the president of the Worldwide Association of Hindus, issued a statement to Coamix, criticizing the depiction of Hindu gods in the manga.