May 19, 2024

Review Manga: Nana

That summer, the summer we were together, a summer that never came back. Nana, from small happiness to extreme sadness.

Story information

Title: NANA
Author: Ai Yazawa
Genre: Shoujo
Status: On-going (Drop indefinitely)

Content Summary

Nana revolves around the lives of two girls with the same name Nana. From the first glance, we clearly see the two Nanas are completely different, from their looks, personalities, backgrounds and stories. To avoid confusion, a Nana is nicknamed Hachi.

Two destinies meet by chance on the train to Tokyo, happen to live in the same house, accidentally become friends and stick together.

The lives of these two girls revolve around the groups Blast and Trapnest, around the world of media artists and the complicated heaviness behind the curtain of showbiz.

Personal feelings

Personal feelings

“Hey Hachi,
The gentle sea breezes keep enveloping me.
The waves seem to be gently calling me
But I can’t throw this life away
Because you saved it yourself.”

Like the dark corners of the room that often appear on the cover of the story, or the beautiful and sad white snow scenes, people still want these two girls with the same name Nana to be happy.

But it’s been almost a decade, since the events surrounding the characters broke, turning into needle marks in the hearts of readers that no one has removed.

Reading Nana was heartbreaking, so painful that even breathing made my heart clench. I’ve always wanted to write a long post for Nana but didn’t know how to start, because the emotions were so mixed.

To me, Nana and Hachi deserve happiness more than any other girl. And I will wait, wait until the two of them can meet again.

Nana’s world is beautiful because there are strong souls who understand and appreciate each other. Nana and Hachi although almost completely opposite in the way of life and love, but both respect and accept each other unconditionally.

Hachi has always admired Nana’s dreams, talents and strong personality. Although a girl who is not very sharp and lacks direction, deep inside Hachi is still a warm, kind, strong heart.

Hachi is like a gentle fire that warms up the stressful career that Nana and others are struggling with.

But those joys are like a candle in the wind, easily extinguished in a moment, because life is always cruel and painful.

Plot Review

Plot Review

Despite bearing the Shoujo label, Nana’s plot and characters are completely Josei-oriented, a story that accurately reflects the nature of life. In reality, there are very few rosy love stories or perfect life partners.

Hachi was betrayed by Shouji after two years of knowing each other, but Shouji himself did not expect him to meet another girl, making him fall in love with his mind and ready to betray his girlfriend.

And it seemed that Hachi could have had a family with Takumi, but she always had to endure her husband’s special attention for Reira, accepting her husband to sleep with other girls due to his nature. Work.

In that world, there are many unrequited love affairs, and not all love can overcome the storm to be able to end completely. I see a Reira who has loved Takumi since childhood, but Takumi has always seen Reira as a little sister.

The suffering of this persistent unrequited love made Reira come to Shin, Shin fell in love with Reira, but he could not replace the image that was forever imprinted in the singer’s heart.

The real world is a place where anything is possible. Perhaps the segment that broke readers the most was when Hachi discovered that she was carrying Takumi’s child, when her love affair with Nobu was developing beautifully.

It could also be Ren’s sudden death before Nana’s birthday. Death brings anger, resentment, regret, grief, disappointment and emptiness to those who stay.

The night of the 4th is the day Ren died, and the 5th of March is Nana’s birthday. It is a beautiful love, beautiful because it has too many regrets and unfinished business.

Maybe when you finish reading, many of you wince because of the complicated and complicated tangles between the characters, but really, that’s how life is. Ai-Sensei is very skillful in building the relationships of the characters.

The more we experience them, the more we can empathize with their choices and thoughts.

We will understand why Hachi chose Takumi as her husband, understand why Takumi can’t leave Reira, understand why Nana loves Ren but still feel uncomfortable when Yasu loves another girl, etc. Maybe it’s because they themselves don’t. really know what you want.

Life is full of mistakes.
If only I could start over.
Where does Nana want to start over?
I want to start over from the snowy night I met Nana.
Only Nana can’t disappear from my life.”

Is Manga Nana worth reading?

Is Manga Nana worth reading?

My little suggestion for those of you who plan to read Nana after this review: Try to read the lines carefully, and pay attention to the small details. Then you will understand how delicate Yazawa Ai is.

There are dialogues drawn with tiny frames, as a funny and relaxing detail, but they play an important role when it comes to expressing the character’s true thoughts and thoughts and the future of the story.

Maybe this is also the author’s implication, in life there are premonitions that are very absurd, funny that they are revealed through jokes, but have painfully honest meanings.

This is the only manga that gives me all the emotions when reading. Happy, sad, angry, painful, etc., but in the end, there is only lasting regret.

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