May 19, 2024
Selection Project

Review Anime: Selection Project

Selection Project is a quality Idol anime series from images, music, to content. You will feel like watching an anime version of the famous Kpop group SNSD.

Basic information

Original name: Selection Project
Studio: Doga Kobo
Directed by: Daisuke Hiramaki
Screenplay: Yūya Takahashi
Release year: 2021
Episodes: 13
Genre: Slice of life, idol, music
(Because Selection Project is the company’s own name in the movie, the names in all languages ​​will be the same)

Content Summary

Selection Project
Content Summary

Nine talented girls have passed the selection criteria of the talent search program Selection Project. The final round will be the challenge for these 9 girls to reach their dream: to become an official Idol. In order not to be eliminated, they need to overcome difficulties and prove their strength. But the most important thing is that the bond between the 9 people who “should have been rivals” has become the focus to walk together on the path to realizing the group’s dream.

Detailed review

About content

Selection Project does not have many breakthroughs in content compared to anime series of the same genre. The main content of Selection Project is the journey to conquer the glory of people with many ambitions and dreams, along with a deep love for music. Besides, for an Idol group, the key friendship factor is indispensable for the Idol anime genre.

Although the film has no new special features, it still completes its content. Touching situations have succeeded in creating emotions in viewers. The film doesn’t have a heartbreaking plot twist, although most of the details are easy to guess, the important thing is how the film makes viewers feel. Indeed, not many people who start watching will expect top-notch plot twists or extreme dramas. However, the result of the third performance of the final round surprised many people, although in the end everything was fine, but the brutality of the near-final episodes made viewers go through many arcs. emotional level.

The romance part is definitely the best part of the anime. As mentioned, the fact that the situation is not going smoothly helps viewers to experience many emotions from the characters, have enough joy and also not lack sadness and despair. “The nine of us will go together.” And the feelings of 9 girls are formed naturally, honestly, easy to feel, not feeling forced, just saying. Viewers who have been in a close-knit group will certainly feel themselves in this anime.

Besides, the lessons from the film’s content are also very profound, making viewers look back. For example, what the character Suzune has realized: when I become an Idol and perform, it’s not just for myself, but I have to be responsible for those who follow and support me, and I have to what to do for them? Is it simply good to sing for them?

The film has absolutely no male protagonist, no fan-service scenes, no objectionable scenes or viewer views. Scenes of characters wearing and performing swimsuits, many people were waiting for sexy scenes, hot curves were disappointed when most of the costumes were tight and showed very little body curves.

About the character

Selection Project
About the character

As an Idol anime, it is certain that the female characters will always be beautiful and cute. And with beautiful graphics and cute character, it can be said that the 9 characters of Selection Project are 9 waifu girls.

The main character Suzune is a typical character type, always optimistic, kind, kind, has a strong love for music and a determined will to pursue her dreams. Carrying a weakness in health compared to other contestants, Suzune showed her will to rise, and thereby brought her desire to convey hope to people with similar circumstances. Because she is a typical character who needs to have the essential traits to lead the group, Suzyne doesn’t have much character prominence. However, Suzune’s cuteness is still impressive, not too stereotyped.

The character Rena is also the main character with the same acting ground as Suzune, and because of a special psychological situation, this character becomes more unique. The character development makes the viewer think a lot. Although Rena is cold, pragmatic, difficult to approach, but in fact is still a person with a kind heart, ready to protect friends, Rena in the movie is a true tsundere. Rena’s character development has many ups and downs but is very reasonable, creating empathy for viewers.

Hiromi’s character is noted for being strong rather than cute. Born into a family of boys, Hiromi’s temperament is more like a male than a female. Hiromi’s outspoken, straightforward, and decisive personality perfectly suits the role of the team leader, and it’s also very reasonable that this is a character who creates drama situations in the movie but does not lose viewers’ feelings for the character.

The oldest character in the group is Mako; Mature, mature, responsible. Every time the character Mako appears, we will see the actions of the eldest sister taking care of her brothers. The character named “Mama” makes the audience feel the family atmosphere with the words “I will shape you”. No wonder Mako is in the top of the favorite characters of this anime.

The character Shiori is a character that represents the reality required of the characters. Because she comes from a prestigious family, this “Miss”‘s way of thinking and words is always pragmatic, but when we think about it, we have to admit that she is partly right and sometimes completely right. While the movie’s content is revolving around thoughts and actions that are influenced by emotions, Miss Lady’s statements help viewers and other characters to look at the situation more realistically.

The Nodoka character is clearly a character that brings the role of “comedy” to the group. With her soft voice, melodious eyes, silly thinking, and voracious nature always make Nodoka extremely cute. Want to be a model but have a soul to eat, this is a character with a new unique feature compared to the anime of the same genre. And every time the Nodoka character has a noticeable action, most of it brings humor.

The character Nagisa is childish, innocent, and sometimes does not know how to keep his mind. The characters Nagisa and Hiromi are opposites of each other, but they all have one thing in common, that sometimes their words are easy to upset others. Nagisa also plays the same role as Hiromi as the character creating the drama. And also a character representing a fragile soul that is vulnerable to pressure. Viewers really sympathize with the character when they see Nagisa show a way to prevent the Dance team from being eliminated, although this behavior lacks correctness, viewers can understand the girl who is desperate and sad when being placed and tried. program challenge.

The character Utar plays the role of an experienced person, in contrast to Nagisa who has a fragile soul, Utar is inherently used to pressure. This character with the nickname Senior shows the image of a young girl who was forced to grow up before her age. But it can be seen that somewhere in the character Senior still wants to live up to her age, such as the way she chooses a cute children’s swimsuit.

The character Ao is probably the least prominent person in terms of personality in the group. But the difference can be felt when this character appears: blowing a sports breeze into the program that is intended for the arts. Full of life, vibrant, enthusiastic, that’s what the character Ao brings to the group’s atmosphere, and is also a highlight of this anime.

The other characters all performed well, from the presenter to the president of Selection Project, all showing their support for the female lead group with meaningful actions. In particular, the character Seira has a strong impression when showing an admirable friendship and nobility.

About image

An Idol anime series will definitely have impressive images, lights, colors, and costumes. And yes, the anime’s visuals are really excellent. 9 girls in the hands of artists become extremely lively; Each character’s shape is very suitable for the character’s personality. Do not abuse the 3D effect, but the film can still create character frames with standard body proportions, completely without distortion.

The costumes and lighting are as if the film’s technical team is a makeup and backstage team for a real-life Idol. The everyday costumes of the characters are not too special, but the costumes when performing can be said to be extremely beautiful, gorgeous, and noble. The swimsuit competition, although not honoring the body curve, must also make viewers satisfied with the color scheme and quality accessories.

The light of the film is made very well, the contrast is effective, there are no too dark scenes or the characters are sunk into the frame. Exterior scenes and important objects, such as the bridge, are meticulously painted with great care.


Selection Project

The music of an Idol anime is definitely top notch, although it’s not a masterpiece, we can still see the studio’s enthusiasm and investment. The lively and cheerful opening song combined with the fast tempo and dance of the characters can help viewers invigorate the new day. The song “Ending” with an earnest melody and aspirational will is the song that expresses the theme of the anime: the Idol’s effort on stage is to give hope and vitality to those who have always watched. me.

Selection Project is an anime worth watching, especially for those who need to energize when in a bad mood. And if you are a person who likes to watch Idol anime, Selection Project will definitely not disappoint you. This is a well-invested anime series in terms of content and images; upholds the meaning of solidarity, friendship, and aspirational dreams.

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