May 19, 2024
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Reason behind the “slave” fate of the Ymir Fritz

It can be said that Ymir Fritz is one of the most deeply built characters in the recent anime world. She is a victim of brutal slavery, a “product” born after brutal wars.

The fate of slavery was attached to Ymir from childhood until death. Despite possessing the power of Titan, she still cannot break this destiny. What was the reason behind Ymir Fritz’s resignation to slavery? Let’s find out in the following article!

1. Who is Ymir Fritz?

1.1 Biography of Ymir Fritz

Attack On Titan Ymir is one of the heavily persecuted slave prisoners of the Eldia tribe. To ensure the absolute loyalty of the slaves, the ruler Eldia ordered their tongues cut. She then released the captive pigs and was punished by being released into the forest and became King Fritz’s prey. This is the first time she has made a choice, but this choice has pushed her to the brink of life and death.

While fleeing into the forest, Ymir accidentally touched a creature shaped like a human nervous system. Thanks to that, she became humanity’s first Titan. Ymir in Titan form is very tall and agile, so he became a God in the eyes of humans 2000 years ago.

Despite possessing such invincible power, Ymir still did not resist, but used it to build bridges, reclaim land, and help the Eldians attack the Marleys and other peoples.

Reason behind the "slave" fate of the Ymir Fritz
Ymir Fritz is a slave of the Eldians

After meeting Ymir on the Coordinate Road, Eren told her that Ymir loved Fritz even though he was the cause of her hometown’s destruction, her parents’ death, and her becoming a slave. This could be explained because she made the wrong choice once, so after shouldering the responsibility of such a great power, she had to find someone to make the decisions for her, and that was not the case. who else was King Fritz – the most powerful man at that time.

Since then, she has become the King’s slave, “falling in love” with the King and doing everything to protect and realize King Fritz’s wishes. All her choices now revolve around this man.

In the subconscious of King Fritz and the Eldians, Ymir was forever their slave. Even if Ymir sacrificed her life to protect the royal family, she still suffered from being eaten by Fritz’s child. Because he wanted his lineage to continue using the Titan’s power and rule the world.

Ymir’s soul continued to be bound, having to create the next Titans and serve those who control the Founding Titan until Eren appeared and made her choice.

Reason behind the "slave" fate of the Ymir Fritz
Beautiful slave girl: Ymir

1.2 Meaning of the name Ymir Fritz

Ymir’s name is of Norwegian origin, meaning a mythical giant – as her fate was. Not only that, this character has many similarities with Norse mythology.

Ymir in Attack On Titan is the Founding Titan of the Titans and Ymir in Norse mythology is also the first giant. The huge old tree that Ymir Attack On Titan encountered was inspired by the Yggdrasil Tree of Life. The mysterious parasite that clings to Ymir is taken from the image of Níðhöggr, the Dragon that gnaws at the roots of the Yggdrasil Tree of Life.

It can be said that the name Ymir represents the origin and strength of this character.

2. Why did Ymir accept being “slave” to the Eldians?

Why is it that even if Ymir becomes the most powerful being in the world, she is still bound by the fate of a slave? The main reason was that Ymir could not escape the mindset of a slave. This is demonstrated by the following details.

Ymir has a brutally suppressed past, so he has lost his “self-respect” as a person

The past of slavery has left Ymir with irreparable wounds. Her homeland was destroyed and she became a slave, her tongue was cut off, and she was finally released into the woods to be hunted and eaten by dogs. This brutal oppression has caused Ymir to collapse, and lose his human value and self-respect. Therefore, after becoming Ymir Fritz still did not take revenge, but continued to submit to and obey the orders of those who oppressed her.

Reason behind the "slave" fate of the Ymir Fritz
Ymir Fritz was mistreated and brutally beaten

Ymir considers himself a slave

In the scene returning to the Eldia tribe after gaining Titan’s power, Ymir’s sitting posture arched back, hands forward is the position when a slave is chained and bound despite the fact that there are no shackles. What shackles are binding her. The idea of ​​slavery was so ingrained in Ymir’s subconscious that even though she could gain freedom, she still wouldn’t embrace it.

Ymir is passive and dependent on the rulers

With a life of slavery, Ymir is unable to decide anything on her own, she is forced to depend on others to dictate to her.

She has no control over anything, including her Titan form. Ymir is the only Titan that doesn’t have a real face. The giant skull implies that Ymir has no personal identity – the core element of an individual’s existence. She did not realize her own personal worth even after becoming a Titan.

Even the subjects of Ymir can control her, with the Eldians describing her as a “maiden” – that is, a person who always keeps the rules. The Ancestor Ymir in the end is still just a propaganda tool to serve the political purposes of both Marley and Eldia.

The psychological pain can’t be erased even after Ymir’s death

Ymir used her body to protect the king, whom she “loved” from the enemy’s spear. But she only received a cold, lifeless gaze instead of love and concern. It was the ruthlessness of the King’s words and emotions that caused Ymir to completely lose the will to exist, so she could no longer regenerate her body.

Ymir Fritz‘s psychological suffering remained until his death and even after death. It was that pain that inadvertently created the Coordinate Path, an endless world where Ymir could continue to follow the King’s orders and help him create the Eldia Empire in reality just as it was. he wishes.

This Coordinate Path is representative of Ymir’s slavery ideology, she can’t escape the bondage that has tormented and tormented her all her life.

Reason behind the "slave" fate of the Ymir Fritz
Ymir sacrificed himself to protect the Eldian king

Ymir can’t escape the fate of obeying someone else’s orders

Eren Jaeger was the first person in 2000 years to see Ymir as a human being instead of a tool like the others. And Eren has given Ymir what she needs most, a choice: forever imprisoned in the Coordinate Path, or destroy King Fritz’s Titan “world” – which has imprisoned her for the past 2000 years.

Although Ymir was given the choice by Eren, in essence she was still following the orders of others. The only difference was that she could now decide for herself who she should follow, following Eren instead of the Fritz royal family.

This freedom of decision was still not enough to heal Ymir’s wounds. Her eyes and emotions returned to Ymir’s face, but she still lived in the form of a child, because she herself was still unable to overcome the pain that tormented her bloody childhood.

Reason behind the "slave" fate of the Ymir Fritz
Eren is the only one who understands and views Ymir Fritz as human

3. 5 interesting facts about Ymir Fritz

3.1 Ymir is worshiped as a god

Ymir was worshiped as a god in the Eldian religion, but the Marleys viewed her as evil because her powers helped the Eldians attack their land.

3.2 Ymir casts a curse on Titan’s longevity

Thirteen years after she became a Titan, Ymir died to save King Fritz’s life. Her death created the Curse of Ymir: The Titan’s lifespan will never exceed the Founding Titan‘s own lifespan. Each Titan can only live for 13 years before the body weakens and eventually withers.

Reason behind the "slave" fate of the Ymir Fritz
Titan has only 13 years of lifespan

3.3 Ymir is known as Christa

The stories of Ymir vary from region to region, however, the most interesting one comes from the royal family. When Frieda Reiss shared Ymir’s story with her half-sister Historia, Ymir’s name was changed to Christa.

Frieda describes Ymir as a kind girl who always thinks of others. She tells the Historia about Ymir that Ymir traded with the Devil to obtain the Founding Titan’s powers. Interestingly, Historia, when wandering, also used the fake name Christa to hide her identity.

3.4 The Coordinate Path that Ymir created is the home of the Titans when they die

After his death, Ymir’s soul went to a place called the Coordinate Path. It was a vast desert space, and the only thing that existed was a large pillar that acted as a link between Ymir and the Titans she created. Her soul forever exists in the form of a baby girl. This is also where the Titans go after they die.

Reason behind the "slave" fate of the Ymir Fritz
Ymir Fritz

3.5 King Fritz forces his daughters to eat Ymir

King Fritz treats Ymir as a tool, using her Titan powers to annex territories and instill fear in his enemies. He married Ymir and she was allowed to have three daughters as a reward. After Ymir’s death, he forced his three daughters, Maria, Rose and Sina – to eat their mother’s flesh to keep the Ymir bloodline alive in Eldia.

Ymir Fritz‘s life is a tragedy that illustrates the theme of slavery throughout the Attack On Titan series. Despite holding the most powerful power in his hand, Ymir’s mental wounds were never cured. It makes her voluntarily bound and must obey the orders of others whether in life or in death. And Tremor is Ymir’s last and only resistance to his slave destiny.

Hopefully with the above analysis, you have a bit more understanding about the character Ymir. Don’t forget to follow Anime and watch the latest episodes in Attack On Titan series!