May 19, 2024

Konosuba – Is It Really Worth Watching?

An isekai comedy (as they say) is my introduction to the Konosuba anime, which is full of clichés, however this anime doesn’t have much of an “Isekai” as it seems to be an anime comedy.

Basic information

Title: Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku o! (abbreviated as Konosuba)
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai
Author: Akatsuki Natsume

Basic introduction to the plot

An isekai comedy (as they say) is my introduction to the Konosuba anime, which is full of clichés, however this anime doesn’t have much of an “Isekai” as it seems to be an anime comedy.

Our main character is Sota Kazuma – a gamer in a previous life who was transported to a magical world after dying of shock when he thought he was about to be hit by a truck (while saving a schoolgirl) while playing the game. In fact the vehicle is a slow moving tractor (???).

While being reincarnated, he was given the right to choose a weapon of his own to fight the demon king of the fantasy world. As the population of that world was dwindling, he chose to take the goddess responsible for reincarnating him with him to the new world.

Detailed review

Character in Konosuba

Character in Konosuba

Now to return to her original position, the goddess must help Kazuma defeat the demon king. Also the first season has absolutely nothing to do with this.

Kazuma and the goddess Aqua throw a party to complete beginner-level quests starring Megumin, a villain who can cast a single spell that she only does once a day. and Darkness – a female crusader and M-blood.

I speculate that by giving these characters these special traits, the creators wanted to take a fresh take on the isekai that has become oversaturated over the years and create a new comedic isekai. .

However, these characters look very odd when they fail in their own role, the goal to bring light humor to the series.

Entertainment in Konosuba

Entertainment in Konosuba

Speaking of the comedy tag, I’ve never seen such a straight-forward anime throughout the entire series. What it gives me the most is a few light chuckles, the kind you would laugh when you see a slightly funny meme but that’s it.

Considering how all the major Youtubers created videos praising the anime, I couldn’t help but have high expectations for it, but was heavily battered.

The premise of the anime just appears to be simple without any real character to the characters (Like Naruto, Gintama or Kaguya-sama’s title type…).

Anime also have a weird tendency to throw random things their way, it’s only narrated to you by one of the four characters. Sometimes that information is useful for the plot, but most of the time it’s not. But again, the plot itself doesn’t have much to offer.

In my opinion, an anime with a special premise would be Kaguya-Sama. It’s silly but in a better and more rewarding way.

Konosuba doesn’t come up with any likable characters, doesn’t have any direction, and completely misses out on humor.

While I’ve only watched season 1 and am judging it based solely on the 10 episodes that season has to offer, I simply don’t invest in it to continue watching, even if season two consists of only 10 episodes.

I don’t know if the story will end next season and I don’t care either.

Should I watch Konosuba?

Should I watch Konosuba?

All the points I mentioned above why I didn’t like the series and all the shortcomings in the plot are what people can very well say about Kaguya Sama.

It’s just that this anime isn’t for me, just like Kaguya Sama may not be for many people despite the praise and high ratings the anime receives (which is true for both anime).

There are still things I like about Konosuba, just not many. The voice acting for Kazuma is truly phenomenal. Even Megumi’s voice acting is pretty decent including all the “BOOM” she did.

Also, the fact about how Aqua added san and sama in front of Kazuma’s name when she was having a hard time and desperately needed his help. All of this is really fun!

So should you watch Konosuba? Try the first 3 episodes, and if you don’t feel it’s worth it, throw it away without a doubt, because that’s what it delivers. But if you enjoyed it, then I’m sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy the series!

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