May 19, 2024
Elite Ten Council

10 New Members Of Elite Ten Council

Elite Ten Council of the Ten Greats is a committee formed by the top 10 chefs in the academy. In academia, many of the remaining internal issues are often left to students to handle.

They are the highest authority and the most powerful in the academy having greater power than the head himself. All instructors are even subject to a decision of ten elites. Their rank in the council increased in strength and their responsibilities increased significantly.

Therefore, the first seat on the board is the best chef in the academy. But being out of the ten elites is already proud of themselves. This is the list of 10 new members of the Council of Elite Ten Council

Yukihira Soma

Elite Ten Council
Yukihira Soma

Yukihira soma is the only newest transfer student to Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Soma from the Sumiredōri shopping district, Soma is an unorthodox chef who specializes in the Yukihira style of cooking, invented by his father, Yukihira Jōichirō.

Due to Soma’s infamously ambitious speech during the 92nd High School Opening Ceremony, many of his classmates sought him out to prove that they were the one who would stand on top of Tōtsuki.

Soma was appointed by Senzaemon Nakiri to the position of First Chair of the Elite Ten Council after winning the Régiment de Cuisine.

Satoshi Isshiki

A resident of Polar Dormitory, Satoshi is known for his strange and cunning cooking skills underneath his benevolent and goofy personality, along with his care for his juniors at Polar Dormitory. Pure.

With vegetables grown on the Pole Tinh plantation, Satoshi helped sell vegetables to local kitchens and even went out of his way to teach individual classes at DEF Kitchen.

While he had previously lost his seat in the Ten Great Men for opposing Azami’s doctrine, he regained his place when the opposition won the Régiment de Cuisine.

Terunori Kuga

The President of RS Chinese Cuisine, Terunori trained his Research Society to be able to cook any dish on the menu with great precision. All members can cook a dish on the menu with no difference in taste with any other member.

He had previously lost his position in the Ten Great Men for opposing Azami’s doctrine but regained it when the rebels won a victory at the Régiment de Cuisine.

Akira Hayama

A spice master, winner of the 92nd Generation Tōtsuki Autumn Election and former champion of the Shiomi Workshop, Akira becomes the 9th President of the Elite Ten Council after his position Terunori was forced to vacate by Azami.

After his loss against Soma, Akira lost his seat on the Elite Ten Council and was also expelled from the academy. Hayama’s expulsion order was reversed when the opposition overthrew Central and took the fourth seat four months later.

Ryo Kurokiba

Elite Ten Council
Ryo Kurokiba

Alice’s assistant, who is usually lazy and passive. However, once he puts on his headband, he becomes a much more intense person.

The former chef of a local Danish pub, Ryo was “rescued” from the Nordic streets after his first meeting with Alice. Since then, Ryo accompanies Alice wherever she goes. His forte in cooking is seafood, with all kinds of fish and crustaceans, mainly lobster, as his main ingredients.

His deportation order was reversed. Ryou got the 5th seat on the new Elite Ten Council people within the next four months.

Alice Nakiri

The current principal, Erina’s Danish cousin who specializes in molecular gastronomy and is a master of Kurokiba.

Clever and cunning, Alice is Erina’s rival and shows interest in Soma’s personality and interesting cooking style while trying to bring Soma down and dethrone her cousin as a customer. top potential.

After her expulsion was reversed in the collapse of Central, she won 6th seat within four months.

Takumi Aldini

Elite Ten Council
Takumi Aldini

Soma’s self-proclaimed rival. Takumi hails from Florence, Italy and worked at his uncle Aldini’s restaurant until he asked Takumi to test his skills at Tōtsuki.

Takumi is an Italian culinary expert and considers Soma his biggest rival in the Academy. He earned a 7th place in the Ten Great Heroes when the opposition secured a Régiment de Cuisine victory over Azami’s Central.

Etsuya Eizan

With a large gang behind him, Etsuya has earned himself a notorious reputation as a Yankee (Japanese criminal).

Etsuya is a renowned business consultant who has helped many Japanese businesses prosper, earning him the nickname Alquimista. Currently, Etsuya reclaims an 8th seat in the new Ten Great Heroes.

Nene Kinokuni

Nene Kinokuni is the daughter of the famous Kinokuni family. Nene is well versed in traditional Japanese art.

Nene is a soba specialist, specializing in handmade soba through Kinokuni family methods that have been passed down for generations.

She initially resisted the opposition and lost; however, she managed to regain her 9th seat on the new Elite Ten Council People about four months later.

Megumi Tadokoro

Elite Ten Council
Megumi Tadokoro

Megumi is a gentle and polite person. Megumi is considered a weak student due to her lack of confidence and performance anxiety, leading to low grades.

She was initially considered the most likely student to fail in Tōtsuki. Thanks to Soma’s help and encouragement, Megumi’s skills have greatly improved.

Her dishes evoke a feeling of warmth and full of hospitality to the eater. She earned her 10th seat in the Ten Great Heroes after the opposition won a Régiment de Cuisine victory over Azami’s Central.

Those were the 10 new members of the Elite Ten Council. What if something goes wrong? Please leave it in the comments section below. Thank you for viewing this article by!