April 13, 2024
Female Characters of Studio Ghibli 

Top 8 Most Favorite Female Characters of Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli has created a series of global hits in recent decades. The Female Characters of Studio Ghibli are full of soul and dreams. They have become brave heroines, serving as profound inspirations for future generations. Below are the most prominent female characters in the Ghibli world.

1. Satsuki – My Neighbor Totoro:

Satsuki is the most adorable and lively girl in the Ghibli anime village, always filled with positive energy and a desire to explore the world. Despite being young, Satsuki is responsible, caring for her younger sister, managing household chores, and striving to excel in her personal endeavors. When Satsuki and her sister Mei discover the existence of forest spirits around their new home, they befriend them, with Totoro being their closest ally, helping them overcome various challenges.

Female Characters of Studio Ghibli (5)
Female Characters of Studio Ghibli 

2. Arrietty – The Secret World of Arrietty:

Arrietty is the only tiny girl in the Ghibli world, and she is one of the most inspiring characters for the audience due to her thirst for knowledge and meaningful adventures. Despite her small size, Arrietty has big dreams, always wanting to explore the vast world outside, even though it may be full of dangers lurking around her. Living with her parents beneath the floorboards of a house in Tokyo, Arrietty and other tiny beings avoid humans to ensure their safety. However, she breaks this rule and befriends a young boy living in the house, thus beginning their beautiful friendship.

Female Characters of Studio Ghibli
Female Characters of Studio Ghibli

3. Sheeta – Laputa:

Castle in the Sky: Sheeta is a quiet and somewhat timid character, but deep within her heart lies courage and responsibility. She dares to face and accept her responsibilities, ready to confront any danger to save her majestic kingdom, Laputa. Sheeta possesses a kind and compassionate heart, caring about others’ safety, even amidst the difficulties surrounding her.

Female Characters of Studio Ghibli (6)
Female Characters of Studio Ghibli

4. San – Princess Mononoke:

San is a nimble and powerful warrior princess, making her one of the most beautiful and captivating characters. Princess Mononoke is a successful creation with many beautiful and appealing characters that stimulate the audience’s appreciation for the magnificent beauty of nature, along with life lessons about karma as human beings continue to selfishly destroy and devastate mother nature. San is a brave young girl who is determined to protect her loved ones and fearlessly confront even the most dangerous adversaries.

Female Characters of Studio Ghibli (4)
Female Characters of Studio Ghibli 

5. Nausicaa – Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind:

Nausicaa is one of the most excellent and deeply inspiring characters in the anime world due to her poignant story. Nausicaa is a heroic leader who has to survive in a world full of struggles and protect others every day, promoting the idea of peace and yearning for tranquility in the heart. The story is set in a distant future, where the world’s ecosystem is destroyed, and barely any humans survive. They have to hide in small enclaves, where they can continue living but must evade the dangerous creatures of the Toxic Jungle, which has engulfed most of the Earth. Nausicaa discovers her ability to communicate with the seemingly dangerous creatures and decides to use her power to bring peace to all living creatures on Earth.

Female Characters of Studio Ghibli (3)
Female Characters of Studio Ghibli 

6. Kiki – Kiki’s Delivery Service:

Kiki may not be one of the most powerful witches, but her unique image certainly makes her stand out. This 13-year-old witch is one of the most independent and cheerful characters in Ghibli. Kiki’s Delivery Service tells the story of Kiki’s adventurous journey with her cat, Jiji, after moving to a new town. Kiki must make wise decisions, face challenges with bravery and responsibility. Her curious and kind nature leads her to make friends with several people and establish a delivery service using her broomstick.

Female Characters of Studio Ghibli (2)
Female Characters of Studio Ghibli 

7. Chihiro Ogino – Spirited Away:

Chihiro is just a regular 10-year-old girl who, one day, finds herself and her family lost in the spirit world. Due to eating food there, her parents are transformed into pigs. Witnessing such an event at such a young age is undoubtedly challenging for Chihiro. To save her parents, she must work hard in the spirit world. Initially, Chihiro was a rather spoiled and grumpy child, but after this adventure, she matures and becomes much more responsible.

Female Characters of Studio Ghibli (7)
Female Characters of Studio Ghibli 

8. Sophie Hatter – Howl’s Moving Castle:

Howl’s Moving Castle is set in a European-like land and begins with the main character Sophie. After being cursed by a witch, she turns into an old woman. Then, she must leave home and find another job. Due to her appearance, it takes her a while to find employment. Eventually, she finds a job at the moving castle of a wizard named Howl. Here, she builds a strong friendship with Howl and the people there, and all of them help each other accept and love their true selves.

Female Characters of Studio Ghibli (1)
 Female Characters of Studio Ghibli 

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