May 19, 2024
dragon slayers in Fairy Tail

Top 11 Strongest Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail

This time we will have a new topic to discuss about the Top 11 strongest dragon slayers in Fairy Tail.

For fans of Fairy Tail, you should be familiar with dragon slayers. But, do you know what dragon slayers are and their history?

It is a story about 400 years ago, when the world was filled with legendary creatures, dragons lived in endless war. Until one day, a dragon appeared to oppose this war between dragons. .

From here formed two factions, one group of opposing dragons wanted to destroy humans, while the other dragons wanted to coexist with humans. In order for the humans to be able to fight, the dragons who wanted to live with the humans taught the humans the strength to be able to defeat the dragons.

Those who possess the power of dragons are called dragon slayers or Dragon Slayers. There used to be many Dragon Slayers, but after the dragons gradually disappeared, only a few Dragon Slayers remained alive during the days of the Fairy Tail Guild.

Want to know who they are? Let’s briefly review the most powerful dragon slayers in Fairy Tail version below.

Quartum Army

dragon slayers in Fairy Tail
Quartum Army

The Quartum army is shown in the Movie Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry where this artificial army is the 4th generation Dragon Slayer. Although born as the 4th generation, it is in fact the strength of the force.

This is no stronger than the 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation Dragon Slayer. But by a significant amount, of course the strength of this man-made Dragon Slayer army is extraordinary.

Wendy Marvell

Wendy is the Dragon Slayer in the sky and the only loli on this list.

Wendy’s power gained from a dragon named Grandine is Heavenly Dragon Slayer Magic. Wendi’s dragon power is great in air battles because Wendy’s element is wind.

In addition, Wendy has an extraordinary healing ability (Healing Magic). For the other Dragon Slayers, Wendy is very useful as it can get rid of drunkenness on moving vehicles, which is their main problem, especially Natsu Dragneel.

In Dragon Force mode, Wendy will experience a change in her hair color and her strength will increase greatly.

Cobra (Erik)

Cobra with the real name Erik is the Dragon Slayer mage of the Yami Association (Dark Association) Oracion Seis (Formerly). Cobra received the power of the Dragon Slayer from Lacrima, who had the power of a dragon.

Cobra’s power is poison, it can kill its prey with poison. Poison can emerge from the gas it produces or from the claws. Besides, Cobra also has a very strong ability to hear sounds from many kilometers away.

Rogue Cheney

Rogue is one of the 2 strongest Dragon Slayers from the Sabertooth guild. Rogue was raised from a young age by a dragon named Skiadrum and taught him Shadow Dragon Slayer magic.

In addition, Skiadrum also implanted Lacrima into Rogue’s body. Rogue’s power is that he can turn his body into a shadow and move within it.

Sting Eucliffe

Since childhood, Sting has loved “Salamander” and longed to surpass his idol, but until now that dream has never been fulfilled. Similar to Rogue, Sting was raised by a dragon named Wisslogia and also implanted Lacrima in his body (2nd Generation Dragon).

Sting’s power is light, the opposite of Rogue is a shadow. The power of the White Dragon Slayer Magic makes it possible for Sting to easily control the light around him. Sting and Rogue are the “Twin Dragons of Sabertooth”.

Gajeel Redfox

Gajeel is the strongest Dragon Slayer among the other Dragon Slayers. Why not? Gajeel is the strongest Iron Dragon Slayer in the Fairy Tail guild. Gajeel’s power can use the Iron Dragon Roar with small pieces of iron that cut the skin.

Besides, Gajeel can turn his body into completely black iron after absorbing Shadow’s power from Rogue. When fighting Tartaros, Gajeel’s power increases as his body can turn into Steel. Gajeel was raised by a dragon named Metalicana who was an Iron Dragon.

Laxus Dreyar

dragon slayers in Fairy Tail
Laxus Dreyar

Laxus is the Dragon Slayer mage as well as the strongest S-rank mage in the Fairy Tail guild and the only grandson of Fairy Tail’s third guild master, Makarov Dreyar. Laxus got his power from Lacrima Naga, which was planted by his father to make Laxus strong.

Laxus’s power is lightning, which can create, manipulate, and change the direction of the lightning itself. In addition, Laxus has extraordinary physical strength and has the potential to become the next Master in the Fairy Tail Guild.

Laxus’ strength became more and more evident when he won against Nekis Jura, which were 10 Daimatou Enbu Mages. During the Tartaros Arc, Laxus was also able to succeed in victory even though his entire body was filled with deadly poison.

God Serena

God Serena is known as one of the strongest characters ever present in the Fairy Tail cartoon. Besides being a member of Spriggan 12, it turns out that God Serena is also one of the most powerful Dragon Slayers of the Alvarez empire having many different types of dragon powers.

Before joining Spriggan 12 and Alvarez, God Serena held a title that included being ranked the first 10 Mages and being included in Ishgar’s 4 sky rulers. God Serena is a 2nd generation Dragon Slayer like Laxus where the dragon power Serena got from Lacrima is implanted in her body.

Irene Belserion

dragon slayers in Fairy Tail
Irene Belserion

Irene Belserion is part of Alvarez led by Zeref and consists of Spriggan 12 and the strongest woman in Spriggan 12. As the Fairy Tail story progresses, it’s become more of a mystery that there is still a Dragon Slayer. even stronger.

She is Irene, a first generation Dragon Slayer like Natsu and Gajeel. Irene is also the creator of the Dragon Slayer magic and turns out to be Erza Scarlet’s mother.


About 400 years ago in the era of dragon wars, there was a Dragon Slayer who was always bathed in dragon blood, that person was named Acnologia. In Fairy Tail, the more a Dragon Slayer uses their dragon-slaying powers, they will eventually turn into Dragons.

Acnologia is an example of that saying, Acnologia transformed into a powerful black dragon, even strong enough to defeat the fire dragon king Igneel and become the main enemy of Zeref, the most powerful black sorcerer in history.

Natsu Dragneel

dragon slayers in Fairy Tail
Natsu Dragneel

Our main and favorite character is also the strongest Dragon Slayer. Natsu Dragneel is a powerful mage with his element of Dragon Slayer Magic, Fire. Natsu’s nickname is “Salamander”. Since childhood, Natsu has been raised by a dragon named Igneel who is the Fire Dragon King.

Why is Natsu the strongest? Why not Acnologia? Even the Dark King Acnologia acknowledged Natsu’s terrifying power. In addition, Zeref’s younger brother is also a Devil from the END book who is declared the strongest Demon in the history of Fairy Tail.

Those are the Top 11 strongest dragon slayers in Fairy Tail. Do you like the character on the list above? Particularly, still likes our main character Natsu Dragneel. If the article is good, hope you can share this article with your friends, thank you!.