February 28, 2024
Ainz Ooal Gown

Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters Now 2022

Wibu certainly cannot help but know anime with characters possessing virtual powers to the point of fiction. Each anime series has characters possessing different powers. Because they love their characters so much, many people have made comparisons to see which character is the strongest. In this article, let’s join Toptutorial.netto see the top 10 strongest anime characters today.

The Supreme God Grand Zeno can decide everything

The first is a character from the Dragon Ball 7 on the list of the top 10 strongest anime characters, Grand Zeno. This character is the highest god of the 7 Dragon Balls. The two characters Whis and Beerus are already very strong. But both of these characters talk about Zeno as someone they wouldn’t dare touch.

grand zeno
grand zeno

According to what Beerus and Whis said, Zeno never went to war. But he was a person with more power than anything that existed in this world. He can erase anything from people, stars, planets to the universe. Therefore, Zeno’s power is so terrible, a snap of his fingers is all color.

The character Whis once said that Zeno once destroyed 6 planets just because he was unhappy at that time. Then you can see how terrible Zeno’s power is. That’s why everyone worships and feels fear of Zeno. Because if you accidentally anger him, it is very easy to get a ticket to disappear.

The bald guy Saitama in One Punch Man

The strength of this bald guy must be said to be extremely virtual, in the top 10 strongest anime characters, Saitama ranked 2nd place is well deserved. Saitama started out as a young man as thin as a toothpick. But thanks to training with a special regimen, he has a muscular body. Looks like there’s no fat at all. However, as a result, he had to sacrifice his hair. Falling without a strand and no chance of regrowth.


But I have to admit that this bald guy’s body is very beautiful. Although not too big, each line is very clear. Many brothers would love to have such a body. But the most remarkable thing is Saitama’s amazing power. Having a good ability to take hits makes the opponent tired without being hit. Saitama can even punch an opponent to death. If participating in tournaments, Saitama is really out.

The strongest Saiyan Songoku warrior in the universe

Fate arranges for Goku to own the position of the strongest saiyan warrior in the universe. Fortunately, Goku is not a bad person. Otherwise, the earth would have been wiped out long ago. Goku has a natural ability to be an extremely powerful warrior thanks to his saiyan blood. However, another factor was that he was trained by special trainers. This is Quy Lao, God, all fierce people.


Goku’s strength is so strong that he can defeat formidable opponents with ease. Even Frieza, who seemed to be able to wipe out any planet with ease, was afraid to confront Goku. Besides the Kamehameha brand, Goku also has a move to absorb the energy of all things and deliver the finishing blow to the opponent. Eat a ball that is lying in the yard right away.

If the top 10 strongest anime characters have been established, the name Goku cannot be missing. Currently, the movie about this guy has many side stories that are also quite good. You can find it on the internet, although it is a side story, it also received a lot of appreciation from that audience.

Koro Sensei octopus master

This Koro Sensei octopus teacher is a pretty special character and is also in the top 10 strongest anime characters. Due to being injected with antimatter, the body becomes transformed. But thanks to such a transformation, there is a body capable of weighing everything. Although many ways have been made to defeat Koro Sensei, this character is still invincible.

Not only is he extremely strong, Koro Sensei is also a very funny character. Viewers always laugh after every situation that Koro goes through. And one more thing that will make the girls really like. Koro the octopus has a lot of proboscis and knows how to please women.

Doraemon the cat with treasures from the future

This is a special character on this list that does not possess any physical strength. Everyone knows the cat is famous for using all kinds of treasures to bring convenience. But when it comes to using its own strength, the cat is completely flat compared to many other characters. However, no one forbids the use of treasures as strength.

When it comes to “playing” skills, no one can beat Doraemon. In addition to the interesting but often causing problems for himself and Nobita, Doraemon also owns many treasures that can be used as weapons. From defensive weapons to offensive weapons or even escape items. It’s just that when using it, don’t be confused. And those diverse treasures are what give the cat impressive power.

Naruto with protagonist aura

Of course, in the list of the strongest anime characters, Naruto is indispensable. Not only impressive in terms of power, but Naruto’s stories along with human philosophies have moved millions of people. This guy’s popularity is increasingly spreading around the world with many super cool cosplay models.


Talking about Naruto’s strength, this character has enough elements to become a character with super powers. Possessing the power of nine tailed foxes, taught by top teachers, a strong will and the protagonist’s aura. Although a bit confused, but when Naruto turns on serious mode, there is no opponent that can’t be defeated. Especially when in nine-tailed state, Naruto can crush any opponent.

Monkey D. Luffy is the strongest of the Straw Hats

Luffy of the Straw Hat Pirates is also a member of this list of strongest anime characters. Luffy possesses the power of the Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit. He is the founder and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Although very strong, but Luffy also has an innocent, friendly, and mischievous nature that makes viewers laugh at times.

Speaking of strength, he can stretch his body as he pleases. He also has the ability to break iron and lift stones, an extraordinary strength that humans do not have. In particular, he is also the only one in the Straw Hat crew who can use 3 different types of Haki powers.


Besides strength, Luffy also has a very smart tactical thinking. He can effectively command his comrades to fight. In addition, he is always blessed by the god of luck when fighting. If it’s good or bad, who can play again?

Boxer Kenshiro specializes in “reflexology” to defeat opponents

Returning to martial arts to resemble a person a bit is the character Kenshiro. This character possesses a very strong fighting ability. He is the one who passed down the Divine Fist of the Big Dipper. With the skills he learned, he is capable of taking down any opponent. His way of fighting will be to attack the hidden snow meridians on the body. With this attack, his opponent will automatically explode and die.


In the anime, Kenshiro has to fight against a lot of bad guys. Especially the one person he once considered a brother was Yuria. He took your wife and left you to die. But with his overwhelming strength, Kenshiro will not be able to defeat the enemy.

Hanma Yujiro – Baki .’s father

If you are familiar with the battles in Baki then you will know how fierce that world is. The characters in the anime Baki, although not possessing supernatural powers, are all mutants. So those matches were not the battles of ordinary people either. But with his fighting ability, Baki has defeated many opponents. He became a very powerful martial artist loved by many.

But compared to Baki, there is someone who is stronger than you without even thinking about it. It was his father, Hanma Yujiro. In the anime, he was named the strongest creature on the planet. He always fought and won. His strength is so great that he can single-handedly defeat an entire US army, not ashamed to be in the top 10 strongest anime characters.

Hanma Yujiro

This man is very cruel and cruel. The only thing he wanted to do in the world was fight and become the strongest. It could be said that he was addicted to fighting and taking down others. To the point that when he became undefeated, in order to continue fighting the strong, he trained Baki as strong as himself to continue fighting. Doesn’t sound like a good father. But thanks to that, Baki had perfect fighting skills.

Ainz Ooal Gown – the final boss of the game

This is the main character of the anime Overlord. Ainz Ooal Gown takes the form of a dry skeleton and wears a cool cloak. And what makes this character different from the others on this list is that he’s not human. Or to be more precise, Ainz was just a character in the game.

Originally, Ainz was just a gamer stuck in the game. After getting stuck, the player created a new character for himself named Ainz and named his role Overlord. In this game world, he is both the main character and the final boss of the game. He is capable of fighting physically as well as magically. And of course, his opponents are just game characters. However, the power of this character is also very impressive as the final boss role. If he let him come out in real life, maybe he wouldn’t be bored with anyone.

Ainz Ooal Gown

Above are the top 10 strongest anime characters today, of course there will be many other characters who are equally strong. But these are very popular and loved characters. This list is for personal opinion only and is not in any particular order, so please refer to it. As for you, which character is the strongest in the anime? Please share to see what everyone else’s opinion will be.