May 19, 2024
Positive Life Values in The Anime Ghibli (5)

TOP 10 Positive Life Values in The Anime Ghibli (P.2)

In the enchanting story of Ghibli ,As we delve deeper into their mesmerizing tales, we uncover more profound messages that resonate with all audiences. From courageous journeys to heartfelt reflections, these animated wonders inspire us to embrace empathy, creativity, and the beauty of life. Let us now continue our exploration of the Positive Life Values in The Anime Ghibli conveyed through its enchanting storytelling.

Positive Life Values in The Anime Ghibli: #6. CARING FOR LOVED ONES.

In Japanese culture specifically, and Asian culture in general, the value of family bonds is always placed at the forefront. Therefore, it’s not surprising that in the animated films of Ghibli, the portrayal of family always holds significant importance. In the movie “My Neighbors the Yamadas” (1999), the small stories about the Yamada family are always told from diverse and endearing perspectives. Similarly, the film “Grave of the Fireflies” (1988) has touched the hearts of many generations of audiences as it depicts the image of a family torn apart by war. In “From Up on Poppy Hill” (2011), viewers are impressed by the image of a family living together despite not being related by blood. These beautiful values are what have captivated numerous animation enthusiasts over the years, even as time goes by.

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Grave of the Fireflies (1988) is arguably the most tear-jerking film in the Ghibli animated film series. Whether adults or children, anyone who watches this film cannot help but feel heartbroken over the immense loss caused by war. Depicting the lives of two children enduring great suffering during the times of bombings and air raids, “Grave of the Fireflies” has touched the hearts of people all around the world, shedding light on the brutal consequences of war. As a result, it has made people cherish the value of peace and the importance of living together harmoniously with compassion. 

Positive Life Values in The Anime Ghibli (5)
Positive Life Values in The Anime Ghibli


Ghibli always promotes a spirit of kindness and friendliness in each individual throughout many of its works. A notable example is the animated film “My Neighbor Totoro” (1988), where two sisters, Satsuki and little Mei, move to a new place and discover the presence of the adorable forest spirit, Totoro. Rather than focusing solely on illustrating the character of Totoro, Ghibli encourages a spirit of harmony and friendliness with new acquaintances, allowing the two girls to quickly become friends with this forest spirit.

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Kiki’s Delivery Service

Similarly, in the animated film “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1989), the young witch receives much help from the new town where she chooses to do her magical apprenticeship, and she is warmly welcomed as a family member by the kind baker couple. This beauty of kindness and goodwill is not uncommon in most of Ghibli’s animated films and has left a lasting impression when mentioning this film studio.


From characters like Ursula in “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1989), Anna in “When Marnie Was There” (2014), the musician Seiji and the writer Shizuku in “Whisper of the Heart” (1995), to the aircraft engineer Jiro in “The Wind Rises” (2013), all of them possess exceptional creative abilities. The filmmakers at Ghibli always aspire to incorporate the most genuine aspects of real-life society into their works, and creativity is one of the most esteemed values they aim to convey to the audience.

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The Wind Rises


In the film “Only Yesterday” (1991), Ghibli aims to remind everyone that each of us has a “yesterday” gently caressing our memories. The story revolves around 27-year-old Taeko, who was born and raised in Tokyo. Her daily life is monotonous and tied to mundane office work. Feeling the need for a change, she decides to take a 10-day vacation to visit her brother-in-law’s farm and help with the safflower harvest (a flower used for dyeing fabrics).

As she travels on the train back to the serene countryside, vivid memories of her childhood suddenly come rushing back, pulling her into a time of carefree innocence. These beautiful recollections start to reshape Taeko’s mundane and busy life, contributing to a profound understanding of her past and influencing her present.

Through “Only Yesterday,” Ghibli emphasizes the significance of treasuring our nostalgic memories and the impact they can have on our perception of life and the choices we make. It reminds us that our past experiences shape who we are and that cherishing the beauty of those memories can bring depth and meaning to our lives.

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Positive Life Values in The Anime Ghibli 

In the anime Ghibli, positive life values shine through in every storyline, emphasizing the importance of family, empathy, compassion, cherishing memories, and living in the present. These timeless messages inspire us to embrace kindness, creativity, and inner happiness, leaving a lasting impact on our lives. Positive Life Values in The Anime Ghibli tales remind us to appreciate life’s beauty and become better individuals.

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