May 19, 2024
Gakkou Gurashi

Review Manga: Gakkou Gurashi!

Gakkou Gurashi is a school life manga, mixed with quite unique zombie elements

Basic information

Title: Gakkou Gurashi!
Other name: School-Live!
Author: Kaihou Norimitsu, Chiba Sadoru
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, School Life, Seinen, Tragedy, Slice of Life
Release year: 2012

Note: The review section in the article may spoil, making it difficult for those who have not seen it, and should carefully consider only reading the content of the article.

Content Summary

Gakkou Gurashi
Content Summary

Gakkou Gurashi is about a group of school life clubs (also known as Club Life), revolving around four girls including: Yuki Takeya, a pretty cute and innocent girl, most especially, she is very loves school, and considers it the best place, when it has everything, like a miniature society.

In addition, the remaining three members are, the calm smart Kurumi, the athletic Yuuri, and the gentle and caring teacher Megumi, who always cares about her students, and finally Miki (known as the connected member.

Substitute for the previous school life club owner, Megumi). Back to the main character, Yuki, at the school, where she and her classmates live together and “camp”, with “fun” activities at school.

At least… in her mind, when the whole school was filled with zombies, only she and 3 people in Club Life were lucky to survive.

Together, they make the rules to keep themselves exemplary, and always create activities in the Club full of energy and fun, amidst a world full of chaotic zombies out there.

Detailed review

Gakkou Gurashi
Detailed review

Set in a ruined and ruined world, overrun with the undead raging out there, through an airborne bacteria of unknown origin. Make those who inhale them infected. And before long, the entire world turned into lifeless corpses.

Only 4 girls left in Club Life, Yuki, Kurumi, Yuuri, Miki, are still lucky to be alive, and are taking shelter at the school they are studying, after teacher Megumi unfortunately died to have able to save Yuki from the onslaught of the undead.

However, this leads to Yuki’s “paranoid” disease getting worse, as she always imagines that the classmates around her are still alive, as well as being able to talk to the teacher. Megumi during those times when she was often in trouble.

But is Yuki’s paranoia worth worrying about? And only the remaining 3 people in Club Life know the truth about Yuki’s illness, but they keep it a secret, as a way to keep her optimistic and love life, between a This world is filled with the undead.

Reviews on Art

Gakkou Gurashi
Reviews on Art

The visuals from the Gakkou Gurashi! made at a “good” level, creating cute and diverse female characters of all kinds such as loli, big b*obs, etc.

Up to the stage of shaping the zombies, they are made at a moderate level of horror and are not too scary like zombie-themed works of the same genre.

However, the impressive point of the series lies in the fact that, right from the first chapters, it is a scene that deceives the viewer. When it recreated a seemingly normal environment, with friends laughing and talking, and teachers still going to class to lecture around little Yuki.

But it was just an illusion, created by her, about a normal life, where in fact, the environment has become desolate, the friends around have become soulless corpses, and the teachers are not. sacrificed his life so he could protect his students.

And you are just being fooled by Yuki’s imagination, because the world she lives in is far more cruel than her imagination.

Manga Gakkou Gurashi! are you reading?

A Manga with the theme of the Zombie pandemic is not too prominent right from the content. When Gakkou Gurashi! from the beginning followed a motif commonly seen in other similar zombie-themed sets, such as having to venture out to find necessities, or to rescue people, a group of survivors like me.

Or most often, they try to survive so that they can wait for a ray of hope from the government’s army, accompanied by some kind of antidote from a certain organization, etc.,.

But the point of criticism of the series lies in the fact that, everything related to the so-called “PANDIDATE of the undead” is made “too half-hearted”, without depth. Making the later chapters, a bit “sluggish”.

If it weren’t for the “Yuri” love story, between Yuki and Kurumi, I would probably have dropped this Manga right from chapters 40 and up, because it must be said that reading is too boring, as well as too tedious. , does not cause too much attraction like the first chapters anymore.

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